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Experience the adrenaline! During the auction itself, all items are auctioned in turn. The auction proceeds chronologically according to lot numbers, and the time for a new bid is reset after each bid. The owner of the last bid wins.
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6. The item is yours

Congratulations. Now you just have to wait for the auction house to contact you and deliver the item to you.


Limiting is a simple way for you to participate in an auction without having to be online at the time of the auction. Limiting takes place the entire time the auction catalog is issued until the start of the auction. If you want to limit, just determine in advance the maximum amount you are willing to offer for the item. If your bid is not outbid by another bidder, you win the item. Only you and the auction house can see this amount. If the auction price exceeds your limit and you are connected online, you have the option to raise your bid and win the item.

Online auction

After the end of the limitation, the online auction starts, during which the items are auctioned one by one. Sufficient time is set for each of them to submit a bid, and in the case of a new bid, the time is automatically extended. The winner of the item is the bidder whose bid remains the highest until the time for bidding on the item expires. After the end of the auction, the respective auction house will send you all the necessary information about the method of payment and the possibilities of shipping/picking up the work.

Hall auction

The hall auction on the Livebid platform offers the experience of a hall auction without having to physically participate in it. Thanks to the live broadcast, you can watch and listen to the auctioneer in the comfort of your own home, who is in charge of the pace of the auction and decides when the auction of a particular item closes and who the winner is. Whether you bid from home or in the hall, you have the same conditions and chances of winning. However, online bidding offers much more convenience and flexibility.

Would you like to hold an auction with us?

We have more than 10 years of experience in brokering auctions. We will be happy to facilitate the entire process of the auction and the requirements after its end.

  • We will prepare a digitized catalog from your data
  • We will grant you access to the administration of your users
  • You will have an overview of the offers and statistics from the auction
  • Before the auction, we will notify the collector via SMS and email
  • In the case of a floor auction, trained staff will come to you
  • At the hall auction, we will arrange an audiovisual live broadcast and then publish a recording of the auction
  • We will arrange the entire connection of the online auction with the physical auction on site
  • After the auction, you will receive a report with results and statistics from the auction
  • We will generate invoices based on the choice of transport and payment

If you are interested in cooperation, contact us at